Helping beat illiteracy… One child at a time.

The Bookmobile is an outreach of Hands to Hearts, Inc. a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the lives of children everywhere. The Bookmobile is available to provide books to at risk children within the metropolitan KC area, primarily serving within the KCK school district. In order to most effectively use our resources, we seek partnerships with schools and organizations that are already working with these children.

How can I get involved?

Our GREATEST NEED right now is with the Bookmobile. We get many requests each day for the Bookmobile to appear at schoolscalendar, community events, boys and girls clubs, churches, etc. We could more than DOUBLE where the Bookmobile could go if we had more volunteers and drivers for it.

There are many ways you can help with the bookmobile!

>  Donate books
>  Host a book drive
>  Staff the bookmobile
>  Drive the bookmobile
>  Organize books

If you are interested in getting involved, contact us at or 913.385.3663.

How does it work?

Bookmobile visits are pre-scheduled with community partners. Books are given out free of charge, but we strive to get buy-in both from the children and the community. For instance, children who fill in a simple “book report” might earn a small prize and an extra book at the next visit. Community representatives assist the children as they select books.

How is it funded?

The Bookmobile was purchased with a one-time private donation. Books come from two sources. Most are donated by individuals, churches, scout troops or other organizations who have a book drive. In addition, H2H received a grant from the Mader Foundation for book purchases. Ongoing expenses are handled by Hands to Hearts donors.

Some of our partners:

Willa Gill Community Center
Urban Scholastic Center
Learning Club of KCK (Juniper Gardens Public Housing Project & 2203 Parallel Locations)
Silver City Elementary (KCK) Summer Program
Sunflower Elementary (SMSD) Summer Program
KCK District Homeless Liaison Office